And so, we set out from the region of Umbria (more specifically, the city of Assisi)….

….to spend some time in Florence. We passed by the second largest lake in Italy, and saw some beautiful fall foliage along the way. The rolling hills of Tuscany welcomed us with lots of rain and thunder. Upon arrival into Firenze, we took a few tours; we started at the Academmia where we viewed Michelangelo’s “David”, saw the majestic Duomo, and split up into individual groups for lunch and shopping.

One person went to the top of the Duomo, while others toured the famous straw market, the Ponte Vecchio, and other churches as well. Later in the afternoon we departed for Rome, where we were greeted (again) by a lot of rain and thunder.

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2 Responses to Florence

  1. Susan Hooker says:

    I bet it was Robert that went to the top of the Duomo, right?

  2. Bev says:

    Love the leprechaun you brought along.

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